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My Dog Knows How To Have A Good Time

My dog, Willie, took advantage of some new snow to show me around the yard.  He took me on a very interesting tour.



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They’re Cupid Approved

Here are my latest Conversation Pieces for Valentine’s Day.  You need to get these for the Love of Your Life.  These are much better than chocolates or even a diamond ring.  Really! Unique, fun, sincere, and they hang on the wall, for all to see.

To pick up one of these handblown glass word balloons, simply visit my Etsy Store.


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You Should Be So Lucky

Now available on ETSY.  This is my favorite Conversation PIece word balloon that I’ve made, so far.  Perfect Hanukkah gift. It’s blown glass with vinyl letters, and it hangs on the wall.  There is a hole in the back, so you hang it just like a photo.


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Christmas Conversation Pieces Are Here

Actually, Conversation Pieces are for any time of year, for any occasion, because you can write whatever you want, whenever you want, using a dry erase marker.  But it’s almost Christmas season, so, that’s why, in this case, it’s perfect for Christmas. You can get this piece on my ETSY STORE.

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Don’t Buy Gold- Buy Jacobson Glass!

Anybody can buy gold these days.  Just find a broker, there, you’re done. But not everybody can buy Jacobson Glass.  Only those who know about it.  Lucky folks, like you!  If you think gold is a solid investment against a shaky stock market, wait til you see the numbers on David Jacobson Glass.  Well……the numbers  aren’t in yet, but they are sure to be mighty impressive.

So, just click on the Etsy link to my store, on the right, and get in now, while prices are reasonable.  VERY reasonable.  Beat the frenzy.

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Seen Recently on Penobscot Bay, Maine

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Tag Sale Incident

overheard at my neighbors last weekend.  A little awkward.  Owner was a little sheepish.


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