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More Conversation Pieces. “Time To make The Donuts.”

Busy making Conversation PIeces. Thought you’d like to see what part of the process looks like.  That’s me making the pointer at the end.

I’m assisted by the excellent Ben Coombs.


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Don’t Buy Gold- Buy Jacobson Glass!

Anybody can buy gold these days.  Just find a broker, there, you’re done. But not everybody can buy Jacobson Glass.  Only those who know about it.  Lucky folks, like you!  If you think gold is a solid investment against a shaky stock market, wait til you see the numbers on David Jacobson Glass.  Well……the numbers  aren’t in yet, but they are sure to be mighty impressive.

So, just click on the Etsy link to my store, on the right, and get in now, while prices are reasonable.  VERY reasonable.  Beat the frenzy.

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Another Fused Murrini Platter


Just completed this one.  16 inches in diameter. All murrini, except for the yellow and white stripes, which are glass canes.  I use Uroborros glass, Also known as System 96. All colors are compatible, so I don’t even have to worry about that.

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Newest Fused Murrini Bowl

I really like the way this came out.  The combination of opaque and transparent glass allows some light to come through and reflect on the table surface.  Which, for me, becomes an important part of the bowl.

This bowl measures 16 1/2  inches in diameter.  A large size for me.  But it didn’t present any difficulties in the oven for fusing or slumping.  The thickness is no different than usual.

I’ll be showing this at CRAFT gallery in Rockland.  Show opens August 5.  Click here to read the press release.

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Easy Ways to Find My Glass

This could take years!. And whatever you found would be covered in annoying silt.  Why not just visit my Etsy Store? I’m sure you’ll find something there. And no bugs.  

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How I Was Able to Play Such A Quick Round of Golf After A Day at The Glass Studio

It was like my own private U.S. Open.


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Maine Comic Arts Festival Photos

Me with a Conversation PIece glass cartoon word balloon.

Wow.  What a great event.  Rick  Lowell pulled off another excellent festival.  Very talented cartoonists out there.  And a huge crowd to see it all. Many more than last year!

My thanks to all the people who bought the Conversation Pieces.  I appreciate it, and enjoy.

Mike Lynch, John KlossnerLincoln Peirce on rightpart of the great crowd

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