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My Dog Would Sound Like Sean Connery

I often imagine what my dog, a 9 -year old golden retriever named Willie.  would sound like if he could talk. Without a doubt he  would sound like Sean Connery, or maybe Cary Grant.  I can very clearly hear him introducing himself to a  female dog on the street with, “The name is Bond, Willie Bond.”

And Willie would look most excellent in a tux, sitting at the Baccarat table, winning yet another hand.

Of course, if he did sound like Cary Grant, Willie would be perfect in the Hitchcock thriller, North By Northwest. As a very fleet-of-foot Golden, Willie would have no trouble outrunning that crop duster that almost nailed  Cary. And he would deliver his lines with that Cary Grant “Cool.”

I don’t remember many of Grant’s lines by heart.  And none from North By Northwest. The only line of I do know  is his repeating “Judy, Judy, Judy.”  Yeah, Willie could say that. That’s what he’d sound like.




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Pretty Good Halloween Costume

That’s me, going as my dog, for Halloween.  I spent all week on this costume, but, I nailed it.  No place to put the candy. I’ll wear  shoulder bags.  Don’t give me any dog bones.  Not funny.

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Modern Dog Caption Contest

Make sure you enter your caption for this month’s cartoon that I created for Modern Dog Magazine.  Pretty funny drawing, if I do say so myself.

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Glass Cartoon Word Balloons

I call these word balloons Conversation PIeces(tm) .   They’re  blank, white glass and you can write on them with dry erase markers.  Say anything you want, as often as you want.  They erase very easily.  Draw pictures, leave messages. Put them in your office, hang them in your room. There’s a hole in the back for easy hanging.

Check them out on my Etsy store, or my website.


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Restrooms- Best in Show

Recent cartoon I drew of my observations there.

Unfortunately, I got stuck behind a Mastiff.

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Glass Dog-Themed Word Balloons

Your dog will love these.  And you will, too, though he is more important.

I placed them near my dog, Willie’s, food bowl, but you can put them near  your dogs bed, or favorite chair, or wherever.

I think they’re a lot of fun.

Next up will be Bad Dog, Fetch, Roll Over.

It’s endelss, really, since I can put any word on these.

These are handblown by me in the Portland studio.


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Tough Day at Work

My Dog AsleepWhat a life.  Such pressures.  Such deadlines.  My dog, Willie, knows how to deal with them.


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