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My Dog Would Sound Like Sean Connery

I often imagine what my dog, a 9 -year old golden retriever named Willie.  would sound like if he could talk. Without a doubt he  would sound like Sean Connery, or maybe Cary Grant.  I can very clearly hear him introducing himself to a  female dog on the street with, “The name is Bond, Willie Bond.”

And Willie would look most excellent in a tux, sitting at the Baccarat table, winning yet another hand.

Of course, if he did sound like Cary Grant, Willie would be perfect in the Hitchcock thriller, North By Northwest. As a very fleet-of-foot Golden, Willie would have no trouble outrunning that crop duster that almost nailed  Cary. And he would deliver his lines with that Cary Grant “Cool.”

I don’t remember many of Grant’s lines by heart.  And none from North By Northwest. The only line of I do know  is his repeating “Judy, Judy, Judy.”  Yeah, Willie could say that. That’s what he’d sound like.




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