I could never be an astronaut

I’ve already got Cabin Fever. Because of this amazing blizzard that is attacking the northeast, I’ve been in my house since yesterday noon. The snow is still blowing horizontally, with the wind chill at -14 degrees, and is supposed to continue all day. I won’t be going out for any extended time anytime soon. I did go out this morning for 10 minutes to walk my dog, (how’s that for dedication?) but I’m back inside now. Glad we are safe and warm. If I don’t think about not being able to move about town when I want to, I’m okay. I’m kind of a restless guy by nature.
Which brings me to being an astronaut. Stuck in a capsule, or even the space shuttle? Are you kidding me? I mean, I’d love to be walking around ON the moon or ON Mars, but getting there would be the challenge. Confined to such a tight space, for days on end. Drinking Tang? Fuggedaboudit. I guess I could take Space Walks now and then. Walks to nowhere. No, I’ll take my circumstances right here right now.
Where’s my dog? It’s time to go out.




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4 responses to “I could never be an astronaut

  1. elizabeth

    Rarely a dull moment living with you, my friend!

  2. John Downs

    I’m cooped up as well it is really a nasty day outside. Looking at this storm from outer space might be really nice.. Stay warm

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