Combining Glass and Cartooning in One Career

I gave this presentation last night in Camden, Maine, in association with the Juice Conference.  It was during Pecha Kucha Night, which is an informal gathering of 10 presenters, who speak about their careers and creativity.  Pecha Kucha is Japanese for Chit Chat.

The format is that I have 20 slides, and 20 seconds for each slide. No time ramble on, which is great.  When the 20 seconds is up, the slide automatically changes.


I had a great time.  Sorry that all of the slides don’t show up, so you can’t see all of the cartoons or glass.  But, you can hear what I say, and I hope, it’s entertaining for you.  I had a great time, in spite of my nervousness.  I’ve never done public speaking before.



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4 responses to “Combining Glass and Cartooning in One Career

  1. Molly

    Outstanding and very inspiring. I wish I could have read the cartoons, but I know your work is funny so the laughter of the audience will have to do. Don’t ever quit. You’re great.

  2. Hi Molly,
    That’s really nice of you to say. Thanks. I had a blast doing this.
    Hope all is well. Say hi to everyone.

  3. Hi, David
    Barbara & I just finished looking at your presentation and work and it’s terrific. The glasswork is beautiful and the narrative was funny and interesting and inspiring.
    Dick & Barbara

  4. Hi Dick and Barbara,
    Thanks so much. Great to hear from you. I know you can’t see the cartoons on the screen. Pretty frustrating, but trust me, they were funny. haha. the presentation was in front of 500 people, which is a lot for me, but I loved it.
    Hope all is well with you two. Any chance of your coming here in the summer?

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