New Fused Glass Bowl in the Works

Beginning the process of a fused and slumped bowl.

This stage is the fusing part.  Strands of colored glass will be fused together into one solid sheet.

This is two layers.  You can’t see underneath, but it’s strands of white glass.

The top is celadon with an accent stripe of cobalt blue.

About 9 inches in diameter.

Tomorrow, I’ll place it on a mold and slump it into the bowl shape.

I’ll show you tomorrow.

In the photo, the small squares surrounding the round disk are pieces of glass that I use to hold down the kiln paper that the disk is resting on. If there were no weights on the paper, it would curl up around the piece when it gets to firing temperature.



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2 responses to “New Fused Glass Bowl in the Works

  1. elizabeth

    are the tiny air bubbles trapped between the stripes a special process? If yes, does it have a name?

    Looks beautiful!

  2. yes, the process is called reticello. Italian word. They developed the technique in blown vessels of placing one bubble inside another bubble trapping air between the layers.

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