The latest Glass Cartoon Word Balloons that I made.

It’s just like having a bunch of super heroes fighting in your room. Well, almost.

These word balloons are about 4 inches in diameter and hang on the wall.

Great for any comic book nut.

Coming soon…ZING! POW! BAM!

And the much requested….WTF?

On Etsy.



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3 responses to “THWACK KAPOW OOOPH in Glass

  1. Molly

    OMG – and that would make a great Glass Cartoon Word Balloon in itself – but seriously – WTF? could be used in many places in my home. In my closet when I am picking the clothes for the day, in the kitchen when I have just wrecked dinner, by the tv when the 1000th political ad has just finished running. They should come in multiples. LOVE IT!!!

  2. elizabeth

    lock and load!

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