I could never be an astronaut

I’ve already got Cabin Fever. Because of this amazing blizzard that is attacking the northeast, I’ve been in my house since yesterday noon. The snow is still blowing horizontally, with the wind chill at -14 degrees, and is supposed to continue all day. I won’t be going out for any extended time anytime soon. I did go out this morning for 10 minutes to walk my dog, (how’s that for dedication?) but I’m back inside now. Glad we are safe and warm. If I don’t think about not being able to move about town when I want to, I’m okay. I’m kind of a restless guy by nature.
Which brings me to being an astronaut. Stuck in a capsule, or even the space shuttle? Are you kidding me? I mean, I’d love to be walking around ON the moon or ON Mars, but getting there would be the challenge. Confined to such a tight space, for days on end. Drinking Tang? Fuggedaboudit. I guess I could take Space Walks now and then. Walks to nowhere. No, I’ll take my circumstances right here right now.
Where’s my dog? It’s time to go out.




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Mayo Street Craft Fair

Ornaments for sale at today’s craft fair. Join the crowd.


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New Line of Drinking Glasses

Here they are, fresh out of the oven.  A new line of drinking glasses made with ‘Ocean’ colors.  Ocean blue, Ocean green, Ocean celadon.  The tall glasses are 5 and a half inches tall. The “Rock’  glasses are 3 and a half inches tall.  Both are 3 and a half inches wide. Each glass has the distinctive one dot of contrasting color.  I really like these. They’ll be available at the Mayo St. Arts Center Craft Fair, this Sunday.  The Fair is from  10 – 4 p.m. Hope to see you there.

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More Conversation Pieces. “Time To make The Donuts.”

Busy making Conversation PIeces. Thought you’d like to see what part of the process looks like.  That’s me making the pointer at the end.

I’m assisted by the excellent Ben Coombs.

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My Dog Would Sound Like Sean Connery

I often imagine what my dog, a 9 -year old golden retriever named Willie.  would sound like if he could talk. Without a doubt he  would sound like Sean Connery, or maybe Cary Grant.  I can very clearly hear him introducing himself to a  female dog on the street with, “The name is Bond, Willie Bond.”

And Willie would look most excellent in a tux, sitting at the Baccarat table, winning yet another hand.

Of course, if he did sound like Cary Grant, Willie would be perfect in the Hitchcock thriller, North By Northwest. As a very fleet-of-foot Golden, Willie would have no trouble outrunning that crop duster that almost nailed  Cary. And he would deliver his lines with that Cary Grant “Cool.”

I don’t remember many of Grant’s lines by heart.  And none from North By Northwest. The only line of I do know  is his repeating “Judy, Judy, Judy.”  Yeah, Willie could say that. That’s what he’d sound like.



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My Glass in the Art Institute of Chicago Fall Catalog

The new fall catalog of the Art Institute of Chicago Museum Shop is now out, and you can see my Conversation Pieces™ for sale there. Page 33. I’m very excited about that.

These are glass cartoon word balloons handblown by me in the Portland glass studio.  You can write whatever you want on the word balloons, with a dry erase marker, which comes off easily with any clean cloth.

The Conversation Pieces™have  been available since June in the Museum Shop, to coincide  with the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit that is going on there. I’m now glad that they are available to anyone, even if you can’t make it to Chicago to see the exhibit.

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Andrew Page on Glass

The GlassLab initiative, The Corning Museum of Glass‘s hotshop outreach to the design world, recently wrapped up its blazingly hot month-long showcase on New York City’s Governors Island, an event organized in conjunction with the exhibition “Graphic Design—Now in Production” by the Cooper-Hewitt and the Walker Art Center. Every weekend in July 2012, the Corning crew fired up their ultra-light glassblowing studio in the service of a roster of designers ranging from the up-and-coming, such as recent RISD MFA grad Helen Lee, to some of the biggest names in graphic design, such as esteemed product- and packaging-design star Judy Smilow. After a detour to Nantucket, where the mobile hotshop was used by a range of artists and designer Ted Muehling blew glass as part of a Dane Gallery fundraiser, the crew has returned to Corning, New York, where they continue to host designers in…

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